I pill three of my cats. I used to use the pill pockets, but spent too much time trying to determine if they ate it or not. Now I use a pill popper. Make sure you get the cat sized one. The dog sized ones are just too big for their mouths.

I pill two on the floor. They are standing against my legs (my heels are together so there is a barrier to the backward moving), and I put my left hand over their heads, kind of hiding their eyes . My thumb is on the right side of the cat's face, and my other finger on the left side of the cats face, and my palm kind of covers their eyes. I apply pressure with my thumb/fingers and the jaw just opens up. Then, I shoot the pill in there with the right hand.

I do this all in about 3 seconds. It took time to get this time down, but it is sooo simple now. And, one of the three is what I would call a "pistol" of a cat. :-0 I immediately treat them to wet food after this. So they are so focused on the reward that is coming they hardly pay any attention to the pre-food activities.

Liquids/grinding into liquids...to me, that is just so much harder to deal with.