Let me tell you a story about our Mashi. In the first three months of her life Masha changed homes three times and no one wanted to keep her. The problem was that she did not want to be outside but no one has wanted to have her in the house. They put her out and left her to fend for herself. The third home was at my neighbors who called me, and said if it gets into trouble, keep an eye for her, because they would take it back to the first home.

When I saw a little helpless scoop of kitten and her sad eyes, I took it to our home. When my cat Misha saw her, she immediately adopted her, grabbed her by the neck and carried her around the apartment. The love between them is immense, even today when Masha is one year old. Thus, Masha stayed with us, for company for my cats Misha and Astor.

She is the most peaceful and grateful kitty I've ever seen. She prefers to be lying on my husband's stomach and have an endless cuddle. She is very large cat and, therefore, slightly clumsy and keeps us constantly laughing. In our home has brought a lot of joy and she is the most pleasant company for Misha and Astor, as well us her humans.
It's Masha - one of PT's own! Hello, beautiful kitty lady! We met your sister Misha last week and now it is your turn! How sad that you changed homes three times as a kitten. But your purr-ents have a gift for finding kitties who need loving care and a safe forever home. So, home you came with your mommy! When Misha saw you, she knew that you needed to stay! You are so fluffy and pretty! I would love to help you enjoy the endless cuddles you prefer Perhaps your daddy will give you an extra snuggle for me today? How wonderful that you bring joy and company to your people, Misha, and Astor! Happy Cat of the Day to you, beautiful Mashi kitty!