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    Rescued Rats!

    I'm new to the forum, thanks to a suggestion by Karen over at deviantArt, where I post a variety of things.

    My rat family are all rescues of one type or another:

    Dax and Kira are sisters from the same parents, but different litters (Dax is older by 3 months). I adopted them from the local shelter early this year where they had been surrendered from an overrun home. The owners had a male and female and had not realized how many kits rats can have! Oops. All is well, I have two very lovely Pink Eyed Whites because of that! Kira is an adventurer and digger of couches, while Dax is a snoozer and hoarder of treats.

    Nellie and Dumbledore are a pair that came to me as a re-home. The owner moved to Australia and couldn't take them with her! Bonus for me! Dumbles is the senior of the entire group at 27 months and is my pretty little Siamese point (POTD Dec 21, 2013). She loves to roam free without the pesky youngers to bother her and I frequently find her curled up on my foot or near by in the blankets. Nellie is a sweet and energetic little black hooded dumbo rat. She climbs the highest of everyone (right up to my picture rails) and if I'm standing around and she comes, it's up my pant leg she climbs! (Either in or out, she likes both.)

    Icheb and Janeway are litter mates that were in the shelter for 6 months without a fur-ever home! Poor things! They are friendly and fairly well socialized so they came from a good place to start with, but they were found by a volunteer in a beat up box just outside the shelter. Who wouldn't want these two sweethearts I don't know, but I got them in the end. They are fawn and argente in colour, Icheb being the former and she has half of one ear entirely missing. (Perhaps a cat got them in the original ownership and they were "surrendered" in a not so pleasant manner?)

    Tiberius, Guinan and T'Pol are my saddest little story.

    Tiberius is my boy, and he's probably under-weight. I don't have a scale to weigh him, but he's far too thin! He's a handsome silverfawn in colour, and is a lazy boy - as they are wont to be! Guinan and T'Pol are a beautiful pair of rex girls. Guinan is a gorgeous blue hooded and T'Pol is a stunning little amber. (Did you know that Rex feet look like hobbit feet?) The two girls are both quite skittish and I am using much patience to bring them out of this. The owner had Tiberius, Guinan and T'Pol housed in very dirty tanks and threw empty food cans in at them. They were forced to go into the cans if they wanted to eat. They were getting nicks and cuts every time they went in, with Guinan being the worst off - both her shoulders are bare to the skin. I couldn't leave poor Tiberius by himself, so I have him in isolation until he gets snipped later this month. He does get out, just no co-play with the girls!
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