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    Elf and 2 Reindeer

    An Elf and 2 Reindeer stopped by today, first at my home and then at Dad's nursing home!

    The Elf (Riley) was not amused by the bell on the end of the cap!

    And one reindeer (Tasha) could not 'move' in her costume

    Once at the nursing home, they know they MUST remain on the bed (Willy went visiting once, to clean room floors -- that visit happened at lunch, lol)

    Riley MUST get in Dad's lap, after all, she is there to visit Poppa Nonno! She insists on getting in his lap, everytime I take her.

    Nice shot!

    I took this 6 or 7 times, this is the best of the bunch.

    Santa in the lobby

    And snow couple

    The apple orchard, which is visible from Dad's room, is decorated and full of lights at night.

    That's all!
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