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    Karen, thanks for choosing Hollywood for your pet of the day. To say that I am proud of what he and Ann do with the therapy dog visits would be a huge understatement. He lives to put on his TDI bandana and goes crazy whenever it is done. All he wants is hugs, pets and kisses from people and especially loves it when the kids climb all over him. These visits are as important to him as what a meaty bone would be to many other dogs. I occasionally go on therapy visits with the two of them to see first hand if the stories Ann tells me are true and if anything she under exaggerates. Many patients we have visited are in deep depression and usually within about 10 minutes they are laughing, smiling and hugging on the dogs. One thing I have noticed after several years is he always seems to gravitate to the patient needing the most help. Every time we walk out of the room full of patients the nurses comment that the one patient that he went directly to is the one patient that is the worst off. What really amazes me is how many times hospital staff members run to the hospital entryway upon Hollywood's arrival. One day I asked a surgeon why she came to meet Hollywood every time he came and her response was, "many people think that our patients are the only ones that need therapy visits. Well maybe we need them as well due to what we see and deal with every day." That was a huge I eye opener for me and now we make it a point to stop and visit staff members as well.

    Thanks for letting us bring attention to Hollywood and the therapy dog program.
    Rick and Ann

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    Hello Hollywood,

    It's so nice to meet you handsome fella. I think it's wonderful that you are so giving of your time
    to hospital patients & others in need of a friendly face. I'd love to be there when they see your beautiful
    face. I also enjoyed seeing your pictures. Love the costumes. Congratulations on being chosen
    for special honors as the DOG OF THE DAY. Hugs & kisses sweet boy.
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    Thanks lizbud. I also forgot to mention, Hollywood has his own Facebook page if anyone would like to see more of his therapy dog work and get more information on these dogs.

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    Hollywood is absolutely gorgeous! And HUGE! Congrats on DOTD, big guy!
    I take my dog to a local nursing home, and they love her! It's so rewarding!
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    So happy to see Hollywood today! Best DOTD. His whole family is awesome too!

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    Handsome, hunky Hollywood down in Springfield! I'm about ready to get in the car and get on I-55 to give you a whole bunch of big hugs! That's not an option, though; so I hope your people will give you some for me You are a very special guy, giving your time to visit everyone who needs to smile! I will check out your Facebook page, too Happy, happy Dog of the Day to you, amazing Hollywood! Big hugs, snuggles, and lovies to you and Goose!

    Your admiring fan,
    Elyse in LaGrange
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    Hunky, handsome, Hollywood!

    Hi Hollywood! Happy Dog of the Day to you, and to Rick and Ann your entire family, immediate and extended! What a hunky, handsome, gentle giant of a pup you are, Hollywood; beautiful in body and in spirit! Great thanks to you and your family for your selfless devotion, dedicating so much of your time to therapy work, bringing so much joy and comfort, smiles and laughs to those in need! What a noble calling is yours, what a priceless gift you share with the world, and not only during the Christmas season, at Halloween and Thanksgiving, all of those "special occasions," but each and every day you proudly don that TDI bandana! You and your family are true heroes in my book, and your story an inspiration to us all! Now, I have to say, your Wizard of Oz costumes are THE BEST! You make one awesome "Cowardly Lion, "and your dad is a ringer for the actor who played the Scarecrow! And yes, I do believe I see Toto, too, neatly packed away in that purse! Oh, what a wonderful family, and how worthy you ALL are of your Dog of the Day, EVERY DAY, honors! Great thanks to your family for sharing your very special story and so many heart melting pics with us, sweetheart! Enjoy your big day in the spotlight, celebrating with your proud parents, "little" brother Goose, and all of your adoring friends and fans! (How thrilled all of your admirers and those you visit will be when they hear the big news!) And to you and your family, wishes for a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Lots of love, hugs and kisses to you, beautiful Hollywood, and to precious Goose too! Now, off to check out your FB page! Love, Sandra and Star the Lab, on Cape Cod~

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    Amazing Hollywood!

    Wow, if there was ever a dog who deserved to be DOTD, it is Hollywood! Congratulations! Hollywood is a precious, loving, adorable gift to the world! We thoroughly enjoyed reading all about Hollywood's busy schedule, spreading love and hope! (It is so nice to read a story so positive instead of all the negative/doom and gloom in the daily newscasts.) I think Rick and Ann deserve to be People of the Day with their devotion to Hollywood and all the people that need him! A trio of HEROS! Happy Holidays and Best of Luck to Rick, Ann and Hollywood! THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO TO MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE!! (all rescues) P.S. Hollywood is so photogenic! We LOVE all his photos, the awesome WOZ costumes, and his precious "little" bro!!

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    Just wanted to share with everyone, the attached is a photo of Hollywood taken on Christmas morning as we were headed to the Hospice Ward at St. John's Hospital in Springfield, IL where Hollywood greeted and passed out small gifts to over 30 patients. Many of these patients were spending Christmas alone so seeing Hollywood certainly brightened their day as well as some family members who spent the day with the patients. We could not think of a better way to spend Christmas.
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    Thanks Hollywood's family for the heartwarming update! Oh, I can't think of a better way to spend the holiday, either! Hollywood represents the true meaning of the season...the spirit of giving! And doesn't he look adorable in his delivery outfit!(UPS, FedEx, have nothing on you, Hollywood! And YOU delivered on time!) I can only imagine how much brighter Christmas Day was for all of those 30 patients at the Hospice Ward at St. John's Hospital, and family members, thanks to you and Hollywood! Thank you, Hollywood, for bringing so much joy to so many in need! You're my hero!!! Hugs and kisses to you, Hollywood!

    Star,Tigg'r , Mollie and the10 Gallon Gang!

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