So they have started "naming" winter storms now, but I don't see it catching on. Have you bought into this? Names seem fine for hurricanes, whose development we watch over oceans and that seem contained in a certain area, but winter storms tend to sprawl and go on for days sometimes, doesn;t seem as applicable for naming them!

There's a storm coming to us this weekend - I know it is already hitting those of you in the midWest, stay safe everyone! But what amused me today was I got an email from the local Supermarket chain saying "Stock up before the storm!" like the weather forecasters are not already is a tizzy, and people won;t already be running for the "French Toast supplies" as everyone stocks up on bread, milk and eggs, as well as bottled water.

Mind you, this is not a forecasted multi-day blizzard. For us, it is a snow storm starting Saturday evening, maybe not even until most folks are usually in for the night, and lasting until Sunday morning, so most folks may sleep through the bulk of the storm, and are certainly not going to starve while doing so! We may get 8 inches, considerable yes, but not disastrous!