This morning Lucy came, she’s a 7-year old girl. I will have her here for three weeks, while her family are travelling.

We let her out of her box in the corridor where the litterbox is, to make sure she knows where it is. The first thing she did, was to go under my bed. After her daddy had left, she came out to explore my flat. Then I gave her a catnip toy that she was crazy about it Later, when I was on the bed watching a programme, she came up and plumbed herself down right on top of me, face into my head. She stayed for quite some time. While I was in the kitchen, I heard BANG CRASH! Well, it seemed she had tried to jump on a high bookshelf and some things fell down. She disappeared under the bed again, but came up to lay on it when I came in. She wants a lot cuddles and I bet she’ll sleep with me tonight.

Here’s a few pics.