Hi PT friends,
Our furry little bundle of joy arrived this morning! Amigo is soooo cute!!! He had us firmly wrapped around his little paws in no time. While Donna and I had a great visit Amigo wandered around checking out his new place, found a few hidey spots, begged for part of our lunch, played with his new toys and seemed to like climbing on his condo. Amigo ran under the couch several times so now it's known as the "Cat Cave". He has been there since Donna had to head home but Soncat and I look in on him from time to time. He'll come out when he's ready. We plan to do the transition at his pace. No chance to get any pictures yet, that will happen when he settles in and feels more comfortable here. Our home feels complete once again.

Thank you, Donna, for bringing such a special love to us!