This happened almost two days ago and I saw it happen. I was up at 1 am studying for an exam and often will feed my African Clawed Frog (I "renamed" him Niall, but I always called him little Bo) at that time. He seemed to like a schedule. I put the hood light on and watch him and saw him shedding, which is a GOOD thing. He was always a healthy shedder. So I was going to let him shed his skin (it usually takes 10-20 minutes) before I fed him. Well I looked over a bit later...and he just stopped mid-swim, fell and died. I moved him with the tweezers I used to feed him lightly, and he didn't move away like he normally does. I had him for exactly a month. I feel so horribly guilty. I know I was inexperienced, but I spent so much time caring and so much money to give him a good setup. I bought him nice plants, a nice tank, etc. His Guppy "friend" is still alive and so far that's the only thing I have in there right now. I have no explanation for the death. Water Parameters were normal...just did a 25% water change. He was eating, swimming, etc. I think it may have been because for awhile I was just feeding him Bloodworms...which isn't the healthiest choice for them. I will admit I didn't "research" it extensively before I got him. I just knew I wanted an aquatic frog. Maybe that was my mistake. I tried hard to make up for it. I'm sorry it wasn't soon enough, lil guy. He didn't last nearly long enough.

Rest in Peace, Bo. You taught me a ton in your short time with me whether you know it or not. I will always love and miss you. You were such a cutie. I am sorry I never got to feed you those fishies or anything good like I promised. My next one will last for a long time. But right now I can't get another one without feeling horrible. I love you buddy.

I know we preach about how you should research a pet and I guess I'm just a huge a-hole hypocrite for not. I gave him the best life possible AFTER I got him and I really did try but I wish he had gotten a home with someone better than me.

RIP little dude, my tank won't be the same without you..

Tomorrow I am taking the water to get tested. I am just going to get some fish (Cory's and plecos maybe, you guys know of my catfish obsession) for the tank. I may get 1 male betta but for now I have Bo II (my little guppy). I named him after my froggy. This sounds stupid but I envisioned when I got him of taking him to college and to my first apartment, etc. I just really loved him. They have a 20 year lifespan and mine lived for a month.... it just sucks.

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