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Cindy, Mikey was the same way you described Buddy...and he is not a small dog. He sounds like he's just going through the puppy crazies. PLUS, he is still intact. If you get him neutered I think you'll find he'll be a lot better, especially since he is so smart! He chose your house for a reason, because he KNEW you'd take care of him whether or not you keep him or find the perfect family. He is EXTREMELY adoptable being so young and small to! Boy, did this dog choose the right home to come scratching at the door LOL
LOL, yes he did find the right home! And I'm just so thankful he barked! I would have never known he was out there if he had not barked.

Well, I think it's safe to say that nobody is missing him. We hung several posters again last night. But I can't help thinking........if he was lost someone would be LOOKING for him! They would be posting on all these sites that I'm posting him on. I just don't get it!

Anyway, my co-worker might have a new puppy for Xmas! I think she is the perfect person to get him. She is familiar with small dogs (has had more then one for 10+ years) and is missing one of her Chihuahua's she had pts this summer. It's still not a done deal with her. She has to convince her husband. But it doesn't sound like that will be too difficult.