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Thread: What's the worst thing your dog has ever "eaten"?

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    Buddy's mom told me he stole a peanut butter sandwich off the counter a few days ago lol
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    We live on a farm so our dogs find lots of things to get into. In the spring when the calves are born there is the after birth & the race is on to dump that into the manure spreader before the dogs find it. Then the calves manure seems to be some kind of a treat so the dogs find that on the ground.
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    I've got two problems...

    First, My Junior Male Ichabod gets into something, and I just can't figure out what it is. But, when he does, he literally gets looped legged just like the downed a hard liquor drink. But that is NOT the case, it's something he's eaten out in the yard.

    Then, all of my guys want to swallow a Bully Stick, when it gets short enough for them to. I have noticed that this has a very negative effect on their consumption of regular food, given that it takes that material quite some time to dissolve in their stomachs. Though I think that the BSticks are good for their teeth, and I have tried to pick up the short pieces before they are swallowed, it's just to hap hazard, and I'm going to stop buying the BSticks.
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