I thought it might be fun to travel back in time and reveal the worst fashion faux pas of our past.

I even decided to show you some of mine. When I was younger, I had a tendency to wear really strange things; somehow, I was never the "average girl".

This was 1991 at my graduation from vocational college; I was 26 and used to wear really strange hats and clothes those days.

This picture was taken in July 1993 in Cologne, the day after my sister and I attended a Depeche Mode concert. This is one of the last pictures of me showing my natural hair color, soon after that, I started dying them black or dark brown - and I still do. However, my hair has never looked this wild again. What was I thinking to leave the house like that? lol

At McDonald's in Kassel after a WWF wrestling show (1994). I have to admit that I was having a crush on Bret Hart those years.

Oh, and btw, just for comparison ... This is what I'm looking now, at the age of 48:
Old, but boring! lol No more fashion adventures for me these days.

And now show us yours! :-)