I've been working since September at Pet Supplies Plus. Love the job! The day of my orientation, a woman came into the store asking if we take in kittens. Unfortunately, we don't. The woman said she had a kitten in her car that would've been a hawk's lunch had she not snatched it up, as a hawk was circling him as he sitting in the middle of her backyard. I went and looked at him. He was no more than 4 weeks old. I took him. I had a carrier in my car (always do along with cat food and water). I left him in my car. My manager said, "okay, where is he?" I brought him into my orientation. While I was busy with that, one of the manager's played with him and fed him. They even donated kitten chow and some canned food. I knew I belonged at this store. It's my dream job!!!

I named him Chewie cuz he chews on everything!!

Anyway, Eileen and I talk at least once a week on the phone. She happened to mention that she was ready for a new family member. I told her she was welcome to adopt him once he's fixed and sent her pictures. It was love at first sight.

Chewie, a grey and white boy at I've bonded with (he sucks on on my shirt all the time. His favorite binkie is a dirty tank top I have yet to wash cuz it has my scent on it, will be going with him) will be neutered on Thursday. We will be making the train ride to NJ on Monday.

I could not ask for a better home.