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Thread: Need PT Help - Emma & Annie need GOOD homes. (Can we help Gini?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cataholic View Post
    You know I love you, and this isn't exactly directed towards you, but your post strikes a nerve with me. People make choices. People choose to honor people while they are living, and when they are gone. Crappy family is crappy family- no matter the word family. Why would anyone love dearly someone that shows no compassion towards that loved one's pets is beyond me. That isn't love. And, a large part of the problem, IMO, is that people stand by and "love dearly" people that treat them like crap. Whether it is acting completely without compassion in this instance, beating someone, stealing/lying or not- those people need to account for their actions, and be held accountable.

    I have already had one PM which totally sought to excuse this family member's conduct. Call a POS a POS. That is what he is. Gini is gone. Her beloved pets are not. This isn't besmirching her honor or memory, it is standing up for it. feel the same way about the "dear friend" of hers, who couldn't take the pets in for some vague reason. It isn't during the simple, easy fun times that a person's character is shown, it is during the difficult times.

    I lost the very few people I had like that in my life a long time ago. When the chips are down....
    Quote Originally Posted by Cataholic
    The focus should be on the kitties. With a side note in the form of a PSA- kick crappy people out of your life.

    Bang on, Johanna. I sympathise with Gini's brothers, truly. I appreciate that they must have a lot on their plate, and suddenly having two cats to find homes for amidst all this must be a burden. But as a last task for a loved one? Whatever way it is sliced, I find their actions unpleasant.

    But of course focussing on the more important matter at hand, I'm so glad to read that snakemama can foster them. You are truly a blessing, as is everyone else here busting a gut to get these cats a home. I'm once again reminded how utterly fabulous many people are on this site.I look forward to reading the updates on the kitties' progress, I know Gini would be so touched to see how much has been done for them.
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