Hello everyone,

As you know, we lost Gini last Saturday to that dreadful disease, emphysema. Her brothers are unable to keep Annie and Emma and have asked us to help find them homes - we need to do this for Gini. They MUST stay together as they were originally feral kittens when she took them in. One of them (I'll find out which, and a lot more detailed info on personalities, likes, dislikes and musts.) is super friendly and the perfect indoor pet. The other is feisty and retains a bit of her feral personality…but is apparently a wonderful sweetie too. This is why they must remain together…they are bonded and the kitty that has retained a small amount of her feral instincts would probably not survive (emotionally) without the other.

Please know I'll get more accurate info as I've already invited myself to Gini's house to sit with Annie and Emma to get to know them again. Its been years and I need to reestablish that connection. I'll let everyone know more as I learn it. I know they are 13 years old, beautiful orange girls. Mike and Bill have both said Gini's younger niece has been coaxing them out and they've resumed sitting around the house amongst the visitors. Great news!

We have time to find the right home for these girls. Bill - Gini's brother - is allergic, so he cannot keep them, but has said they will remain in Gini's home (taken care of by Bill and Gloria) until we find that perfect place for them. They are overweight so a diet change is in order ASAP. I will gently ask them to change their food to the diet version of whatever they are feeding the girls - slowly of course.

So, I personally am committed to picking up Annie and Emma and starting the first leg of transport if anyone can help with that. Above all, we need a place for these two sweeties. Please, for Gini, reach out to anyone and everyone you can. She loved those girls like crazy and I know she'll be guiding their new forever home search from above.

Please post here or PM me (and Slick) with any/all ideas. Thank you!!