Hi Gandalf! Happy Dog of the Day to you! Thanks for starting my morning off with a BIG smile, cutie pie! That pic of you posing so proudly in your mud suit is priceless! Of course, being a Terrier, you can't resist a good dig in the dirt and a roll in the mud! But oh, you sure do clean up nicely, looking so handsome, so debonair in your snow white coat and that smart, stylin' tie! And after hours spent zooming about the yard with your Springer pals, all worn out and hungry, how better to end the day than with a yummy dinner and cuddle with the humans! Ahhh, what a life! You may not be a big doggie in terms of size, Gandalf, but in heart and spirit, in every way that counts, you're a giant among canines! How lucky your family is, having a joyful, energetic, life loving best friend in you, Gandalf! You're the best! Enjoy your well earned day in the spotlight, sweetheart, digging in the dirt, playing with your pup pals, being spoiled rotten by your proud parents! Lots of love, cuddles and kisses to you, adorable Gandalf!