Stubsie is my rabbit, he is a four-year-old Dwarf rabbit mix. His character makes him very special, he is very trusting and lovely.

He loves grass and pepper to eat, and he's pretty smart - he can do a roll when I say that he should do that! I bought my rabbits a ball where I can put treats in ... I think he likes to play with that ball very much. In October I began kaninhop (rabbit agility) with him, but he is still learning. I bred him by myself. His mother is the most trusting rabbit that I know, so I was glad to have a child from her. and his father is now neutered, so he will not have more siblings born. He has three more brothers but they got new homes when they were small. He is always concerned with keeping his fur clean, so that is when I can get pictures of him, as he's not moving then! Stubsie is a special pet to me.
Beautiful bunny Stubsie! What pretty caramel and white fur you have! You are a busy bunny, playing with your ball, keeping your fur clean, or eating some yummy grass or pepper! You and your person are starting agility work, and you will do very well with that! How wonderful that your person has known you right from the time you were born !

Could you please have your person give you a gentle pat for me today, sweet Stubsie. I like your caramel brown ears! Happy, happy Bunny Pet of the Day to you!