I know it is Thanksgiving and I should be thankful and all that. But I just need to get this off my chest and can't do it on Facebook. It doesn't matter if nobody responds to this. That's fine.
It is very sad, but I seriously cannot stand to be around my father! Sure, he is my dad and I love him for that. He did a fine job raising us. Instilled "some" good values in us, I like to think. But since I've become an adult I don't like him as a person. He is self-centered and thinks everyone else is below him.

Last night I was in the kitchen and he was sitting watching TV (his back is to the kitchen). He heard that I was eating some desert roll things. I had one small piece and was cutting a larger piece in half. He commented that he hadn't even had any yet. I said - you don't need any. He made some comment and I said - because you are diabetic. Any other person would see that as me actually caring about his health. Not him! He had to make a comment about being overweight. I said - yes, you are overweight too. That's why you shouldn't eat them (and I kinda giggled). He then implied that I am overweight. Well, this just shows how much he pays attention to me. I've lost over 30 pounds in the past year. I am NOT overweight!!! So then he says (and he's said this to me all my life) "well you will be if you keep eating like that". GRRR!!! I said no I won't! He said why not? I said because I exercise and eating two small pieces of this is not going to make me overweight. OMG, I just can't stand him!!!

People always have a hard time believing me and say things like "he IS your father". Yes, he is my father. And like I said, I love him for that. But I don't like him as a person. He is not a good person. Although he thinks he is GREAT!

Ok, rant over. I do feel a little better.