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Thread: Saying goodbye to Malachi :-(

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    Hello everyone! Gosh, just reading through this thread again brought me to tears. I wish we could have done more for Malachi and I still think back on the course of events and wonder why I didn't notice things were off sooner.

    It's been several months now, and I think the time is right to try adding another oriental to the family. I remember before I brought Phinehas home, I came on here with anxieties of bringing home a kitty and I'm feeling the same way now. Phinehas has been very clingy ever since Malachi left. I found a women (who is also a vet!) who breeds and shows orientals and has a female cat that she has retired and wants to place in a home. This cat is 4 years old and has a dominant personality which I was a little concerned about because Phinehas also has a dominant personality. I gave a full description of my cat and our home/lifestyle to this woman because I want to make sure we're making the right decision for her and for us. She has reassured me that her kitty seems indifferent to males when it comes to dominance, so I hope these two get along. Phinehas is a cuddler, so I was hoping to get another cuddler. Oddly enough, I've never had a female cat - so not entirely sure what to expect! We'll be meeting her this Sunday in Dayton at a cat show, so fingers crossed things go well with the addition and transition. I'll open another thread once we bring her home.

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    Awww, do keep us posted!
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    Good luck, hope all goes well.

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    I hope things will go well when you bring the new cat home. I am so sorry about Malachi. I had a similar situation when my cat developed a sudden tumor and the vet didn't give a good prognosis for recovery if I proceeded with surgery. I am always wondering what I missed symptom wise. Malachi knows you did the best you could for him and he remembers your love. You are honoring his memory by giving another cat a good home. Best of luck with your new cat and may you always have warm memories of dear Malachi. Malachi is always with you in spirit.


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