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Thread: My precious old lady Bosun has cancer

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    My precious old lady Bosun has cancer

    Bosun was my first failed foster almost 13 years ago. A few weeks ago I noticed her cheek was very swollen. At first we thought it was an infection and she was on antibiotics but it didn't get better. Last week I took her back and a different vet looked at her. She thought it was mouth cancer, and we got a biopsy done. I just got the test results. I don't know how long she has left but will be spoiled rotten (as always) and have all the treats, turkey, etc. that she wants.
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    I'm so sorry to hear this. Spoil her rotten and spend as much time with her you can. If she's in pain, can she get medicine for it?


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    I'm so very sorry. Love and spoil your dear Bosun greatly, but you already know this and have been doing it for almost 13 years now.

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    Aww, sorry to hear this. Give her some loving from us!
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    Dear old Bosun. Without you, she would not have had 13 wonderful loving years. Spoil her like crazy, and give her cuddles and kisses from me.

    I hope she is comfortable for as long as she is with you.
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    I'm so sorry you've received such bad news. Enjoy the time with her, spoil her rotten and then some. Sending you both good thoughts and a big hug.
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