OMG, I cannot stop crying.....!
I don't come here on PT as much as I used to, but today I felt the urge that I had to come ... ........
I will miss her so much...! I have never seen her for real. In 2003 we had planned a trip through the USA.
Our Gini was so sweet and organized a first BBQ for us ! I was so very much looking forward to meeting her (and many other PT-friends)!!
But then I was rushed to hospital where I got an urgent back surgery.
when I realized that I would not be able to travel, I was so very sad.... .

I am so sad I never got the chance to meat you in person Gini......! You sure were a very special lady, and though there is an ocean between here and your place, I loved you so much!!
Thank you so much for being such a special friend to all of us on PT!
You will be missed so so much sweetheart.......
Rest in peace dearest Gini!!.

Today I have written all my Xmas card on the PT-list of this year. Tomorrow I was planning to write my cards to other friends overseas, from PT and others;
Every year I wrote to GiniI .
So now I will hang the card that was meant to go to Gini on my wall......