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    Bad Kitten

    So I just discovered this forum.I have a 7 month old kitten that I got from church members..He is hyper and I had hoped after I had him fixes which was 2 weeks ago he would settle down.He likes to bite on furniture and first I thought perhaps he was teething..Jerimia was a outdoor kitten but he is a smart kitten I just don't wont to be harsh with him to behave...its like he needs to test authority..This is not my first cat but I have never had this problem before..any suggestions!!

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    Play, play and play! Figure out what he likes - whether it is chasing a ball - a wadded up ball of paper will do, nothing fancy, or chasing a feather on a string, or what kinds of toys he will play with. If he starts to bite human or furniture, have a toy handy to substitute instead. He will "get it" eventually - and of course as the saying goes, a tired kitten is a well-behaved kitten!

    My favorite suggestion for tiring out a kitten - ping-pong ball or two tossed into an empty bathtub - the curved sides keep it moving back toward him when he bats at it!
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    Welcome!! I too have a 8 month old who is FULL of energy. Seems like he never sleeps. He has been completely different then all of our previous kittens. Karen is right, you have to play till he drops (or you!). We have one of those red lights that he just loves!! When my husband gets home Loki waits for him to sit in his chair & play with him. It's so cute to see. His other favorite toy is a ball in the round. Sorry don't know how to explain it. An empty box is always fun, too. Just don't give him all the toys all the time or he will get board.
    I'm going to try the ball in the tub - sounds like fun!! Have fun with your new guy & I'm sure others will have some great ideas, too!!

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    Karen and Catsnclay have some good ideas you should follow. MrSpunky my 12 year old earned his name. He is still a punk but has finally chilled out some. Play, play, play. Get a cat tree or two. Sprinkle cat nip on it to attract him. Change out the toys because they get bored. The laser light is a lot of fun and doesn't tire you out.

    Bath Tub hockey is great. I had a cat years back that would skate in the bathtub - no toys needed. Go figure.

    Some cats are biters. Spunky is. I've never broken him of the habit. I just found other things to interest him. He does educate me.

    Good luck.
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