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Thread: Random question for Everyone!

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    Random question for Everyone!

    It mystifies me why so many ads and spam messages pop up. Would you, personally ever click on a spam or an add that promises "X tips to ..." whether it be burn body fat, fight whatever evils, etc? Who clicks on them? Someone must, don't you think? I see ads in Facebook now (I know they are trying to make money ...) but who is gonna lick on a photo of a spotty banana posted by some one or something they do not know????
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    Well, I certainly wouldn't, and I don't think anyone I know would.


    As ..someone (Mark Twain?) once said, "Nobody ever lost money underestimating the intelligence of the American public." (I'm sure this applies for other nationalities, too.)
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    Sometimes I have clicked on them by accident, but never would I do it on purpose. I bet you a bunch of teens wanting to loose weight click on those types of things. I don't know many others who would.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phesina View Post
    Well, I certainly wouldn't, and I don't think anyone I know would.


    As ..someone (Mark Twain?) once said, "Nobody ever lost money underestimating the intelligence of the American public." (I'm sure this applies for other nationalities, too.)

    Very apropos phesina.
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    Not me! On Facebook it even names your friends who have liked this or that. I don't even believe that! Unless I actually speak to that person directly and get confirmation from them, I'd never click on anything like that.
    My brother works in IT tech and he has taught me not to click on things like that. Even here at work, I'm scared to do updates sometimes. I always double check with the IT person first.

    But yes, there MUST be people that do click them. Otherwise what would be the point of putting them there?
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    This looks like a junky website, but I installed it and NO problems - and a ton of free space on Facebook!
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    I don't open anything unless it's something or someone I know personally.

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    Nope! I hate ads though, they drive me nuts.
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    I am very suspicious of emails, FB postings, ads, etc. that promise those things or just look like junk. I don't touch any of them.

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    LOL Karen, the spotted banana thing made me laugh and yes I have seen it. No, I never click on those ads, I think they are ridiculous and not facts. I wish there was a way to stop them altogether.

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    Not in this world - unless inadvertently - and then click out ASAP LOL.

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    The weirder thing is the cookies that follow you around; suggesting that you click on a vendor of a product or service you were legitimately evaluating (Keurig,, etc.)
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    I don't EVER click those kinds of ads... but obviously there are people that do, otherwise... why would they have them?

    In fact I downloaded an adblocker for my browser so I can live in blissful ignorance.


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    what i dont like

    I goto a news paper site and start to read a story about something then the screen flashes and up pops a add covering up the story so I cant read it so I close and reopen the browser and find the story again and the ad reappears so I never get to read the story cause its covered up by a popup. and the browser is supposed to have a popup filter but it fails a lot of the times.. the only way to get rid of popup is either click it or forget it. and then sometime the whole screen will slide off the screen when I try to read the headline and it slide all over the place over and over and over.. like cnn is bad at slider adds. and when you readjust to the story again it slides more or a popup. if I want a ad they should have a add site not cover up what your reading or trying to read ..I don't mind ads on the screen but quit covering up what I am trying to read. .. thank you for reading.. pat n Kerrie 20131126.0431
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    I'm w you guys, I don't go near those ads. They just scream 'virus' or 'malware'.
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