Hi darling Mochi! Happy Dog of the Day, sweetheart! Oooooh, what a precious little Pugster you are, and clearly the LOVE of your Mommy's life! Being the beautiful babe that you are, it's easy to understand your love for admiring yourself in the mirror, hehe, and those non stop smiles you elicit from all who cross your path! You're adorable! How lucky your Mom is, having a first pup (as an adult) as sweet and playful and precious as you! She waited a long time for that perfect "first," but how well the worth wait you were! As your Mommy says, you two have only been a team for a short while, but already the bond of love you share runs deep! I have to say, it was so, so sad, hearing of the theft of your fur mom and siblings. But thankfully you were spared, and oh, what a wonderful life awaits you, what wonderful times you and your family will be sharing over the many years to come!
You could say I rescued her...but in fact, she rescued me.
How often is THAT the case! Thanks for the BIG smiles, sweetheart! I hope you're enjoying your much deserved day of honor, being spoiled rotten! Lots of love, cuddles and kisses to you, adorable Mochi!