Paul was saved from euthanasia in France in October 2012 when he was five months old. No one wanted him so they wanted to euthanize him, but I told the lady at the shelter, "If he wants to stay in my arms, I will take him home." He stayed in my arms, won my heart ... and off we went. The picture in the flower pot was taken when he was six months old. In fact, he still loves flower pots.

Since then he has grown and is now a big and proud tomcat. He is also very handsome with his own tuxedo, always ready for any event. He resides in my old apartment in Saarbruecken at my mum's house with his own "harem" Baby and Lisa, my other two cats. He totally dislikes my mum's tomcat Leo, who doesn't dare anymore to go upstairs. Paul just wants ladies around him, and we oblige!
Hello, Paul, beautiful kitty! You look very nice in your tuxedo, always ready for any event! And what a wonderful, long, floofy tail you have!

You won your mum's heart that day for sure! How wonderful that you have a forever home with your caring people, plus two other kitties Now you can curl up for a nap or enjoy time with your family whenever you like I hope your people will give you, Baby, Lisa and Leo some extra petting for me today to celebrate! Happy Cat of the Day to you, wonderful tuxie Paul!