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Thread: cat urine smell/vomiting

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    cat urine smell/vomiting

    I have a 10 year old long haired tabby. He is neutered. I feed him Science diet original dry food normally but had to get a different dry flavor last time. He has been vomiting up the food along with hairballs. I also noted this evening his hind end reeks of urine/ammonia. I tried washing off with wet wipes to help clean it and encourage him to lick more. Cleaned a clump of dried feces out of the hair. I changed the litter box. I did research on cat urine smell..suggestions include vet for UTI or kidney disease. Do you feel that really the issue is the food change? Litter box issue? Any suggestions?

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    It absolutely could be the change in food. What is the difference in ingredients? You may have to compare labels at the store. Certain food allergies/intolerances made me vomit.

    As for the letterbox, did you change the type of litter in the box? From what to what?
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    Food for sure, long haired cats can have sensitive stomachs, if they have the least bit of persian in them. For that reason, I feed mine an oral sensitive food, however the oldest guy who is 14, reacts sometimes even to a new bag of the same food..that's where the sanitary trims becomes a necessity. The younger ones do not, the older one has always had sensitivity problems with food.

    As for the odour of urine, older cats may not be able to clean themselves as well, and long haired does not help. You have to help them, it's called a sanitary trim, at a salon, but I do them myself, trust me saves a lot of problems, and work.

    They're beautiful little creatures, but some work and maintenance helps tremendously.

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    Science Diet is not a very good quality food. You didn't say which food you had to switch to so I can't comment on that one.

    Cats are obligate carnivores, meaning they get 100% of their nutrition from protein (meat, fish, poultry). Also, cats tend not to drink much water; in the wild, they get all the fluid they need from their prey. So moist / soft / wet food should be a regular part of the diet.

    When you feed a high quality food, there are no hairballs. Hairballs are NOT normal, though most house cats have them, because of the poor food they eat.

    Can you switch him to a high quality food, dry and canned both? Something grain free like Earthborn Holistics or Taste of the Wild, for dry; and Tiki Cats, Weruva or Fussie Cat.

    You can learn a LOT about cat foods here:

    If you get him on a good quality food, and add moist at least once a day, you will see improvement. And THEN you can sort out if he needs a vet visit or not.

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    You should go to your vet and ask what they think would be the best food choice for you cat.

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    Uremia in the case of kidney disease can sometimes present itself as a strong "urine" smell coming from the cat's breath. A lot of owners confuse this as being the cat's rear end or poor grooming habits. It concerns me that you're noticing this.

    The vomiting can be attributed to the diet change, but vomiting can also be seen with kidney disease.

    I strongly urge you to bring your kitty to the vet to be checked out. At 10 years old, kidney disease can be high on the list.


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    Cats are notorious for having sensitive tummies, and a change in food that wasn't gradual could cause the vomiting. I would definitely take him to the vet, though, due to the urine odor. Kidney disease, uti and lower urinary tract disease could all be possible causes and need to be treated. A thorough exam can put your mind at ease about the vomiting, too.


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