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    I have not been on PT in a few months, but wanted to let some of the long time members of PT know that our baby Springen has passed away. I thank you all for the prayers I asked for when we found out he had a lung tumor and bone disease almost a year ago. He has had a difficult time breathing for a few weeks now and not much energy for months. However he has remained happy. We took him into the vet Saturday because he had very labored breathing and was shaking. We thought they'd just give us a larger dose of steroids and send him home. They couldnt hear his heart and took an xray and his whole chest was filled with fluid. They said they could send him to another vet and use a guided ultrasound to drain the fluid but he may not survive the procedure and it would just come back. We decided it was time to let our sweet boy go.

    Springen was only 5 years old and this has really been a difficult time for us. I've never mourned a loss like this and truly wish it could have been different. He was unbelievably sweet and such a big goof. He brought us all such joy and happiness. I will miss this dog so much, and know I will never know another one like him. Springen was truly special, the definition of a "heart dog". He will be forever loved and missed.

    Thanks for your thoughts and prayers PT. I am glad Springen was brought to us. I feel lucky to have been loved by him.

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    Awww, it is so hard to lose a dog so young, but at least we know Springen, true to his name, packed a whole lot of joy into the short time he had with you. He will always be in your hearts, and we will always remember him as his bouncy wiggling self.
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    I am so very sorry. While no time is the 'right' time, the loss of someone so young is especially hard. I know your pain more than I care to admit. May happier memories sustain you.


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    I saw Springen's name and my heart sank. You made the selfless decision. So NOT FAIR only 5 years. He had a wonderful life with you. I am so sorry for your loss.

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    I saw this news on Facebook, too. dab_20, I am so sorry for your loss. (((HUGS)))
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    {{{hugs}}}. He was too young. Sending all prayers and good thoughts to you.
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