I only saw you a few times a year when I came to visit my parents. You were a bit standoffish at first but we made friends and become good buddies. You enjoyed the toys I bought and the time I spent playing with you. I'd give 5 years off my life if I could learn what happened between the hours of late night Oct 19 and early morning Oct 20. I think you went off with a dog or dogs and someone picked you up. A lady responded to my Lost Dog ad but when parents went to look they found nothing. Yesterday, a lady said she saw dead dog in the road in the same area that other lady reported possibly spotting you. Perhaps you were taken and escaped and were trying to find your way home when you were run over in the highway. My parents searched that highway and didn't find you but we fear it was you. The not knowing is the hard part. Shep, if you are gone from this world, please know you were loved and I did what I could to try to find you. If you are alive, I hope you are safe. Dead or alive, I hope some Good Samaritan will come forward with info about what happened. Rest in peace wherever you are dear Shep. Love, Beverly.