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    Hi Crosby, you are a cutie and look like a very sweet boy. Happy DOTD!!
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    One of a kind Crosby!

    Hi Crosby! Happy Dog of the Day to you, and to your beloved best buddy Maddie, too! Well, aren't you the handsome, happy pup! Love seeing that look of unbridled joy, that BIG smile on your face (almost as big as the smiles you bring to your humans' faces each and every day)! And oh . my . gosh...Your "bone" video is hysterical! I nearly spit my lunch out when I hit the "backing up/beeping" part! How special are you, Crosby? Let me count the ways...from your beauty (love those big, black splotches and curly tail), to your bravery (overcoming your fear of the upstairs to sleep with your parents), to the unwavering devotion you have for sister Maddie, to the joy you bring to all lucky enough to know you, and of course the love you have for your family, you couldn't be more perfect if you tried! How lucky they are to have a big, beautiful, goofy, lovable best friend in you, Crosby! Truly unique, one a kind, that you are, and so very deserving of your Dog of the Day reign! Wear your crown proudly, sweetheart, and enjoy a very happy day, celebrating with Maddie and all of your adoring friends and fans! Lots of love, hugs and kisses to you, one of a kind Crosby, and to precious Maddie too! (That pic of the two of you spooning is priceless)!

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    Hello Crosby,

    Awww, my favorite breed, Dog. I'm very happy to meet you today sweetie. You & your
    sister Maddie look so cute together. You made a fine pair of buddies. Congratulations on
    being honored today as the loveable DOG OF THE DAY. Sending you lots of cyber Hugs & kisses.
    Enjoy your special day & share treats with Maddie.
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    Crosby's mom

    Quote Originally Posted by opschick View Post
    Hi Crosby, you are a cutie and look like a very sweet boy. Happy DOTD!!
    You are truly a dog lover. You understand the companionship that he offers all those that he meets. Crosby has been a wonderful addition to our family and gives our family many laughs and kisses. I remember the day we picked him even though instead of playing fetch he laid down next to me and began chewing my shoe. To this day he only chases a ball when Maddie wants it.

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    Hi, Crosby and hi, Maddie! Crosby, I like your happy face in the first picture, and I just noticed that your front claws are two different colors- neat! I like your white, tan and black coat and I especially like the pictures of you and Maddie together! I can tell that you're buddies I'm glad you are getting used to going up the stairs for sleep! It is nice for us humans to have our fur-kids to snuggle with. Happy, happy Dog of the Day to Crosby and Maddie too!
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    You're adorable Crosby!!! Congrats on being DOTD!
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