Hi baby Blaze! Happy Dog of the Day to you, cutie piie! Oh, what an adorable baby mini Doxie you are, Blaze! I do believe you've tilted the Dog of the Day cuteness meter with your painfully precious photo spread! I don't know if I can pick a fave,...nope, I can't! But that shot of you standing in the snow, looking up at the camera with that wide eyed look of wonder, melted my heart into a puddle of mush! What a beautiful baby you are, Blaze, and so smart, so well mannered as well! Wow, potty trained and able to use the doggie door at 12 weeks? Now that IS impressive! But most impressive of all is your big, big heart and you sweet and loving personality! You truly are a great little boy, Blaze, and your family so very lucky to have a loving companion, a best friend for life in you! And I too have no doubt that dear Emma is looking down from the Rainbow Bridge, giving you her stamp of approval! Thanks for the BIG smiles, sweetheart! Enjoy your well earned day in the spotlight, and every minute of the happy life that awaits you! Lots of love, cuddles and kisses to you, adorable Blaze!