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Thread: Changing seasons

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    Changing seasons

    Besides the frost, which has its whole own thread? What do you consider land,marks of the change of seasons? I used my winter coat for the first time this season a couple nights ago, and though I haven't needed it since, it definitely feels like a page has turned. Before that it was a couple weeks ago my body decided it was completely time for oatmeal, which I never eat in warm seasons!

    What are your signals? Do you notice the changing of the light, or the temperature changes? Just curious how other mark the seasons for themselves, as if we believed the retailers, Advent started in September, and Christmas is just around the corner ... not a reliable gauge!
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    Sure signs of autumn around here ... lawn bags filled with leaves on the curb on trash day, or a sign announcing the start of leaf collection. Corollary: when the air smells like burnt leaves. When the heat really needs to be on. When I start wearing sweaters. When it's windy, cold and rainy all at the same time. It's dark out when I leave for work and when I get home.

    Good signs of autumn ... football! Chili! Sweater weather! Raking leaves! Hayrack rides!
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    While I could never bring myself to hunt, the preparation and announcement of deer season is when I know the seasons are starting to change. And when I have to finally turn in the flip flops for the year and switch to boots... and sweaters! And when I no longer have to worry about shaving legs and having nice hair because jeans and a hat will solve all of that. I think I just summed up the colder months as my lazy season.
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    The hunting gear comes out pretty early in my family..but I'd say when I take a hike and see all the beautiful colors! We're supposed to get our first snowfall tonight.

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    I would say the warmer weather but not this year. Coldest November in about 19 years lol. And we still have at least another week of cool temps.
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    One question: Who ordered the snow??? Karen????
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