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Thread: Lil Peeps' Life in Pictures!

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    Lil Peeps' Life in Pictures!

    We are so happy that Lil Peeps is POTD! He has beat the odds! Approx. half of wild baby birds do not reach adulthood and the average life span for a wild Eurasian Tree Sparrow is 2 years (if they are lucky) due to parasites and predators; Lil Peeps is almost 2 1/2 years old! (Yay!) Watching him grow and hearing him sing daily has been the most amazing experience. To see more photos of LP growing up, playing with his toys, and enjoying his life, go to his web page: THANKS for making our special Lil Peeps POTD!

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    Aww Lil Peeps, you're so precious! What a wonderful story! Congrats on being POTD!
    I hope this is a special day for you and the humans that saved you!
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    Amazing lil peeps!

    Wow, I loved seeing your photos and reading about Lil Peeps. Back in the 1990's, I rescued a naked baby bird and my son named it CJ after a classmate. I gave it to my sister to raise. I started him out on dry dog food that I made into a mush, then used a tiny syringe to feed him. My sister got him going on worms and fruits. She successfully raised a starling! In the fall, his instincts kicked in and he went to get in with more starlings, you know how they like to get in big flocks. Lil Peeps is very pretty, I bet hearing him chirping is very cool. Take care Lil Peeps! Robin

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    Lil Peeps what a beautiful and lucky lil bird you are!!!

    I loved reading your story and seeing your sweet pictures. No wonder you didn't want to leave. I wouldn't want to leave a family who saved me and loves me and sings with me and takes wonderful care of me either. It was a treat to meet you today. I hope you are enjoying the funnest day ever!!!

    Congratulations, sweet Lil Peeps, on being our very special Pet of the Day!!!

    CavyMom thank you for sharing your speical Lil Peeps with us today!!!
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    Precious Lil Peeps!

    Happy Pet of the Day to you dear, darling, adorable Lil Peeps! First of all, ditto everything said by cavymom! I can't tell you how moved I was reading all about your miraculous rescue, your amazing life journey; how touched I was looking at your precious pics, reading all about your daily activities and the joy your bring to your parents' lives! Oh, how lucky you were to be found by knowledgeable wild bird people/rescuers that fateful day! You truly are a miracle birdie, and a never ending source of joy for your family, Lil Peeps! Can't wait to check out your webpage, a wonderful way to end the day! Great thanks to your family for sharing you and your heartwarming, life affirming, most inspirational story with us, sweetheart! You're a treasure!!! Enjoy your big day in the spotlight, being loved and pampered to pieces! Lots of love and gentle cuddles to you, precious Lil Peeps!

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    Lil' Peeps is adorable! I enjoyed reading your story so much, Congratulations on finding such a loving family! Many people would have just left you there! You deserve to be the POTD!

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    What a treat to log in this evening and see such a sweet birdy ad POTD! You and Peeps are lucky to have found each other. I can't BELIEVE how fast he feathered up!! 0.0

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    Sweet Lil Peeps, what a great story! You sure are a handsome birdie guy! I wonder why you prefer certain colors over others? No matter, your people have figured out that is your preference, how wonderful for them and for you! I love that you give a chirp when someone says, "I haven't heard a peep..." because you know your name! Happy Pet of the Day to you!
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