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Thread: Quick Survey For Those Interested

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    Quick Survey For Those Interested

    Hi everyone I received this from a friend of mine who volunteers for FOSMAS. I was only able to identify one of them but then I'm not good at identifying dog breeds.

    FOSMAS/Shelter volunteers/staff, supporters, and any other animal lovers who would like to help,

    Our Shelter volunteer and foster mom Michelle Duhr (Guido's foster mom) is writing a paper on stereotypes about Pit Bulls and their owners for a college course requirement, and would appreciate your help with a short survey. Please visit the link below. All 16 dogs shown are mixed breeds, and 3 of them are Pit Bull mixes. Which 3 do you think are Pit Bull mixes? Please don't scroll below the last row of pictures to see the answers till you make your selections!

    Please e-mail Michelle your results - Only one question, "Were you able to correctly identify the three Pit Bull mixes?" Just yes or no and, if yes, which ones by number. Please email your answers (the three numbers are all she needs) to [email protected] with "RESEARCH PROJECT" as the subject so she can quickly see the responses for this project.

    If you know others who would be willing to do this survey to help Michelle get more responses, please forward this info to them.

    Thanks for all your help!

    The survey link - http://www.nationalcanineresearchcou...D%20Poster.pdf

    Please note in the answer section, "pit bull" will be listed instead as either American Staffordshire Terrier or Staffordshire Bull Terrier.
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    I responded, only got two right, of course, I am always suspicious of the results of some of those blood test companies anyway!
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    Couldn't ID even one---not very good with mixes unless it's the very obvious ones like Shep/lab or shep/husky.

    I've been frosted--- thank you Cassie'smom

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    I got sixteen wrong
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    I got them all wrong. The ones I thought might have some PB breed in them - didn't; and the ones I thought would not - did. I hope they all went to forever homes.
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    I got 2 right. I have to agree that those test results aren't to be taken too seriously. I mean, affenpinscher in that one dog. Yeah right! There's not that many intact affenpinschers breeding indiscriminately in this country. There must be some marker in the affenpinscher that is similar to a larger breed because it seems a lot of dogs that look like pit mixes show up as part affenpinscher when they don't look a thing like it. Maybe its just that both are terriers.
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