Buddy has been in his new home for a week and 3 days now. I got an email from his new mom on Sunday. I will post a quote from it in here. I was laughing and crying at the same time when I read how he climbed onto her lap. He always thinks he's a little lap dog!

"Buddy has gone to work with me each day. I teach bible classes and do spiritual development at a Retreat and Prayer Center in the inner city. He was welcomed and stayed amongst everyone’s feet each day. Yesterday, we went to Pet Supply Plus to get dog food and snacks. My future daughter inlaw teaches obedience classes there. He was a perfect gentleman and had a great time..

After 3-4 days he discovered my sofa and got up in my lap like a little doggy would. It was hysterical. By Friday, he figured out my bed was more comfortable than his So, up he came with my help. He sleeps with me like spoons with his head on my other pillow. It is a good thing I live and sleep alone !"

Lolli and I miss him even more than I thought we would. She's kinda moping around right now. She isn't as interested in her food anymore, either. So I'm spending extra cuddle-time with her, and hopefully she can adjust soon.