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Thread: Snow won't stop scratching her face??

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    Snow won't stop scratching her face??

    It started about a couple days ago. I found a small scab on Snow's right ear, but she is now scratching ALL OVER her face, not just her ear. It's getting to the point that she is ripping her fur out from all the scratching. I've been and always has been clipping her nails so they do not over grow; however, I cannot clip her nails anymore than they already are so I do not know what to do.

    I was thinking maybe getting an E-collar? Or if anyone else has any suggestions that would be great! And I also read online you can use neosporin on cats to help heal the cuts, but I was a bit nervous about using that. Has anyone ever used that on their cats?

    Thank you!

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    Have you changed her food or anything else in her environment lately? If you look close, any sign of flea dirt or fleas? First the cause needs to be discovered, and then the e-collar until she is better! If nothing else, a vet trip may be in order!
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    Do you feed her out of a plastic dish?
    I used to feed my RB Taz out of plastic and it caused him to get feline acne. Once I switched to stainless steel we never had the problem again.
    Now I will only use stainless steel dishes. Or you can use ceramic, or glass. Just not plastic.
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    Are you giving whiskas treats? My Cali loves them but I believe they make her scratch as you are describing. She is just fine if I don't give her any.
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    Yes I use Neosporin both the lotion and vasaline.
    I used the lotion for the itchies and the vasaline one for cuts.

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    She might have some sort of skin infection like yeast or maybe even ringworm if her hair is falling out.
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