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Thread: cat pooping outside of litter box, always in same spot!

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    cat pooping outside of litter box, always in same spot!

    Jack is almost 2 years old now and for the past few months we've been having litter box issues. He'll pee in the box, but refuses to poop in it. I moved the box to a different location, and that didn't help. No matter where it is, he'll choose a spot nearby it but won't use the actual box. And the spot he chooses the first time is where he keeps going back to. I've tried scooping more frequently (3 times a day) changing the litter twice a week, trying different kinds of litter, and nothing is changing his behavior. I can't keep cleaning up after him as I have a baby on the way. I don't want to get rid of him but I'm running out of options. Please help!

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    Was there any change in the household right before this happened? New pets, or people?

    Does his poop look normal? Where in the house is he doing this - where is the litterbox?

    For now, while we figure this out, can you put a tray or placemat in the spot he's pooping, just to make clean-up easier?

    Sorry for so many questions!
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    I don't have a solution to the problem, but perhaps the "change" like Karen is asking about IS the fact that you are expecting.

    Cats and dogs can sense this stuff. Maybe you are getting the nursery ready for the arrival of the new one.

    Have you taken him to the vet for a check up since this has started?
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    Do you use more than one box? Some cats will not pee & poo in the same box. Put another box where he has been doing his business. I know
    sometimes space could be a reason to use one box, but then just put the 2nd box next to the first. Hope this works for you.
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