Oops, I haven't posted pics in forever. And I don't think I even introduced Lilo. Woops.

But anyway...

Brennan is doing good, he just turned 3 in October. We're not sure of the day, so we just call it his birth month. He's having some skin issues right now and some allergies, but other than that he is in good health.

Lily turned 8 on October 13th, hard to believe, I know! That means she's been in my life since I was 13 (boy do I feel old lol). She is doing good. Having some dental issues, but other than that she's good.

And this little fluffball is Lilo. She's an Aussie, of course! She just battled Parvo at 5 months old about three weeks ago but she made a very quick and easy recovery. We treated her at home and she bounced back after a couple of days of IV fluids like nothing. She is my little spitfire, Brennan's best buddy, and one of the lights of my life. I've had her since she was 6 weeks, just haven't really got around to talking about her much!

Lilo has also opened up my eyes to one of my new favorite breeds... so I think in the future there will always be an Aussie and a Pit Bull in my life after my duo has left me.

Just wanted to post a little update on my two and Miss Lily. That's all!