This is Clovis, our Siamese Seal Point boy. He's just a year old, and we tell people he's exceptionally dumb but in a cute and adorable way. He doesn't mind being dressed up so we made a couple Halloween costumes for him!

He loves to sit on paper, sleep, and we've tried to teach him to go into his cage and come when we tap his food bowl but he only listens apparently when he's hungry. We made him a cardboard box home that he loves to sleep in and if we happen to have a project or something laying around on the floor, he won't hesitate to sit and sleep on it. He really loves sleeping and being around people; we take naps with him in the afternoon sometimes and if the door is left open a crack, he slips through and goes to rub at your legs. I think he's a really kind cat until you start to agitate him and he starts to bite, but that's your fault! We love him just as he is!
Hi, costumed cutie Clovis! Happy Halloween to you! What an adorable seal point meezer boy you are, with your wonderful dark markings and your light fur! You are a fan of boxes ... a skilled project suPURRvisor... and a nap specialist! You show your love to your people by giving gentle leg-rubs at nap time. I would love to help you play with your favorite toy, admire you in your Halloween costumes, or just share some petting time with you! Since I can't do those things in person I hope your people will give you some extra adoration, petting and lovies for me You look very nice in your custom-made costumes! Happy Cat of the Day, beautiful Seal Point Siamese Clovis!