I'd like to introduce my cat Nipsu. My mom and I went to the shelter to adopt a kitten. I thought I wanted a female, but when he kept head butting the cage, and purring at me I knew I found my kitten. Nipsu's name means sniff in Finnish. I got the idea from my penpal. His favorite food is tuna. He has a love \hate relationship with my dog Dora. Nipsu loves plastic bags and boxes. He hates wearing his collar and is always taking it off, naughty kitten. When he wants food he will put both paws in his food dish. I had to get him a new food dish because he kept knocking them down, off the counter. My mom and brother call him Cat, but he will always be my Nipsu to me!
Hello, sweet handsome Nipsu! How nice you look in your tuxedo -- and your top hat too! You picked your forever family that day at the shelter, and you let them know with head-butts and purrs! You were an adorable kitten, and now you are a most handsome one year old big guy!

What a busy kitty you are - slipping off your collar, having fun with a box or bag, and spending time with Dora! Then, when it is time to eat, you place your paws into your dish to show you are ready for your meal -- preferably tuna, please! You are handsome and smart! I would love to give you some gentle petting and lovies today, cutie Cat Nipsu! I hope your people will give some to you and Dora for me. Happy Cat of the Day, Nipsu the tuxie!