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Thread: Controlling hyperactive cat.

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    Controlling hyperactive cat.

    Dear everyone.

    Two days ago I fostered a female kitten.

    Usually newcomers act afraid, but this girl is totally different. A stray cat, scare of none, hyperactive. She jumps, climbs and especially loves to run around. She is really fast and persistent. She runs past me in a blink of an eye.

    For me that characteristic has no problem, except for the fact that she are of afraid at the streets and neighborhood as well. She chooses the best place on my bed to sleep, and lovely purrs on my lap every time, even though my current cat has already accepted her, she never wants to be keep in the room.

    Neighborhood and streets in Vietnam is not a real safe place. People can kidnap the cat to sell them. Or she can simply get lost, be left hungry and not welcomed or hit.

    Despite that, the cat never has her chance of exploring the outside world slips by. She even run into my neighbor's houses or the restricted abandoned apartment near by, which I would never want to. But all my disciplined methods do not work. She still eagerly runs outside whenever she sees the door opens.

    Is there a way to educate her to be a domestic cat? She can run and jump whatever she wants inside the house, but I would like to restrict her willingness to go outside. My current cat is also very playful, but he usually stops that lying convenience at the door step, not going into neighbor's house or getting near abandoned / wild territory.

    Please help.

    Thank you.

    What I have tried:

    - Scolding
    - Threatened to hit / punish her when she tried to run pass the doorstep.
    - Came to her when she was outside and scolded / forced her to get back to my house by herself.
    - Hitting (but not so hard, just enough to let her know I am not happy with her actions) She noticed that, because whenever I did so she stooped and showed a guilty & sorry face. But around 5-15 mins after that, she seemed to forget and started to "play" again.

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    Gosh. what a hard thing to deal with! Maybe you could train her to wear a harness and leash, and take her on walks outside, so she gets outdoor time, but only in a safe manner. Try a spritz of water when she tries to get out, some cats will find that as a deterrent. Is there anyway you can block the doorway at all?

    Plenty of playtime whenever you can, of course will help tire her out so she has less energy to run outside But I understand you are a human being, and have to do things like eat and sleep, cannot play all day and night!
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