I know it has been a long time since I was last here but I have been busy. But tonight I come in with some bad news. Ashes is not doing well. Ashes is our male 12 year old cat who have had urinary tract issues in the past, however he is now having litterbox issues and the last couple of days he has been hiding a lot. We found him and got him out of the hiding place and noticed he was walking funny. We figured he might have gotten hurt, but while I was petting him in my room I felt a lump on his back. It could be a bulging disk, it could be cancer/tumor, or it could be a cyst. This could explain his behavior. I will be taking him in tomorrow hopefully to see what the vet says and if its treatable, then we will see about treatment, but if not, we will be putting him down.

He is our cat, but mainly he is my brother's cat. My brother is at school (he does not have an account here) and does not know how dire Ashes's situation is. He won't be taking the news good at all.
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