For those who don't know Ebby has a tumour/mass in her chest and is on borrowed time. She is/has been holding her own but now I fear the end is near and those of you, most of you I think, know how hard the 'when' decision is.

For the last two days I have thought, tomorrow I will call the vet for to come out the day after, but I've yet to do so. Each morning, each afternoon, she is there waiting for her food and relishing it. Each morning & evening she jumps on my bed as usual waiting for her due attention (not forgetting her evening piece of cheese). She won't come in the living room now, mostly because of the dog, and spends most of her time in her comfy bed under my bed, those big eyes peeking out at me when I go in there... unless the sun shines in which case she will get on my bed to sunbathe. The bad part is that she cannot walk as well as she should and her breathing is slowly getting worse. Her breathing is the worry because if/when it gets too laboured ... well, I don't have to spell it out.

I'm sharing this with you here on Pet Talk because the December, nearly 11 years ago, when I got her was not long after I became a member. (Sorry the picture has gone, I'll try and find it) and sharing her last days with the people who knew of her and cared seems appropriate.

I will update.