Please send Alani some positive vibes. As most of you know he had PU surgery about 1 month ago. Last Tues. he started spraying a little bit after Ziggy hissed at him. My vet told me to keep an eye on him because the surgery shouldn't cause this. He tried spraying again Wed. night and two times last night. He would do the quiver tail and then just pee a small amount on the floor. I had already made an appt. for him and Blaze on Sat. at 2pm. I also noticed that there were very small pee biscuits in the litter boxes most likely coming from Alani. Blaze had been having diarrhea issues and also needed a regular annual exam.

My vet tried to put a small tube into Alani to get a urine sample but she couldn't. She saw that some of his sutures were still there causing an obstruction. She tried cutting them out and then using an even smaller tube. There was still some kind of an obstruction. She told me to leave him there and she might need to perform more surgery on him. Luckily when I got home she called me and said that she was able to get a urine sample. She had to position him just right.

She used a technical term which I've forgotten, but he's now been catherterized and will most likely be in the hospital until Monday night. He has something up in his urethra that's causing an obstruction and it needs a few days to heal. She'll call me again tomorrow. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. She also said that she'd work with me on the price.

Blaze was fine and only has some gingivitis so I need to try to brush his teeth a few times a week. I was giving him too much chicken broth and I think this is what caused his diarrhea. He now has much shorter fur around his bottom which I trimmed on Wed. night. I sure hope that things will return to normal soon. These two cats have really been stressing me out lately.