Hi everyone,

I'm currently working as a writer and I had an idea for a book that requires a little help.

I would like to put together a book with happy dog stories. Rescues that were saved from death row and found their forever homes, dogs that beat insurmountable odds against illness, dogs that helped to bring people back from serious illness or suicide...etc.

I have a couple of questions for you, the good people of PetTalk.
1. Do you know a dog who would fit into a book like this?
2. If I were to put together a self-published book with 50 or so stories that all have happy endings, and the proceeds benefit an animal organization somewhere (I haven't chosen one yet) do you think it would be something people would buy for .99 to $3?
3. Would people be willing to submit their stories and pictures if given full credit for their submission?

So, what do you think? Good idea, or a bust? I just figure that with all the negativity in the world today, a little happiness might be just what the doctor ordered.

Thanks for the help!