I don't know if I ever made a post or a thread about Mikey and Bones.

Well as you guys know, every dog loves their bones.

When we first got Mikey, he had a rawhide bone. It came with him. Normal right? Well of course, nothing with Mikey is ever normal. We discovered that this large-sized bone was actually a bad thing for our puggle here. He actually literally walks around the house crying ALL DAY trying to find a place to bury this bone. He would put it on the floor and start scraping what appeared to be (to him) "invisible"dirt over it.

Well, he cries to the point that it is visibly upsetting him. He digs it in the couch, leaves it, comes back, cries more, finds a new spot. Oh, he'll try beds, futons, curtains, his bed, crate, even SHOES. He tries to sneak it outside. Overall, he's just kind of annoying about it. So the last bone we got him as 2 years ago on Christmas. Don't think it's worth making him stress.

Anyway, last friday I was at a friends house and my friends aunt gave me a bone to give to him. She has 4 dogs and didn't have a use for it. I gave it to Mikey the next day. It was a meat-filled or filled one. He was FINE with it. Thought maybe the bone thing was a phase and he had gotten over it? I took him out and he forgot about it for a week. I get home last night at about 12:30 in the morning to a crying dog. He had found it. Needless to say, I pretended to help him bury it and threw it out. He will probably not be getting another bone every again.

Oh, and we give him dentastixs and smaller rawhide sticks that he finishes right away, so there's no crying involved. But having a normal dog doesn't ever seem to be in the cards for me.