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Thread: R.I.P. little Leo

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    R.I.P. little Leo

    One of my wife's coworkers and her kids found this tiny lost kitten by the side of a highway- they fed him and looked for an owner or a Mom for a few days, then turned him over to us- the vet initially said he was about 8 weeks but WAY behind in development of muscle and weight (he was only 1.6 lbs!)- so he got his first FVRCP and came home for a few weeks of good groceries and loving. Leo (so named because he was fearless) made friends with two of our biggest cats and played endlessly- and he became SO affectionate to me and my wife! He was a total sweetheart...... but within a couple of weeks it became obvious he wasn't gaining much, although he WAS growing- and he seemed to be having breathing troubles from time to time, not major but labored at times..... at his second vet visit they did Xrays and ultrasound and discovered he had a HUGE hernia through his diaphragm- there wasn't much diaphragm there, at all- and his abdominal organs were up pressing on his lungs and heart.... the vet's verdict was that even with "heroic" surgery, there probably wasn't enough diaphragm to rebuild and keep him alive- and the surgery would be brutal for him, and far more expensive than we could possibly afford... so we had to say goodbye to poor Leo at only about 12 weeks. What a CRYING SHAME!! Such a sweet, loving little cat - he must've been abandoned by his mother, they know when a kitten is 'defective' and won't make it..... at least little Leo had a few WONDERFUL weeks- and we with him.... but I still miss the little guy! So sweet- and had to die so young.... at least we had the few weeks with little Leo..... play hard at the Bridge little guy- hope to see you there when it's time....
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    Thank you for giving Leo a wonderful life with other kitties to play with! He died peacefully, surrounded by love, and not alone on that roadway. I suspect a car hit him and his wee diaphragm was damaged beyond repair.

    Play happily at the Bridge, sweet Leo.
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    I'm so sorry for your loss. Even though he was only with you for a short time, at least he knew that he was loved and cared for. RIP sweet baby Leo.
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    Rest in peace, little one!
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    Oh, rest in peace, sweet little baby. You are a glorious eternal kitten angel now, all your internal workings in fine shape as you play hard at the Bridge. You have known great love in your short life with your kitty and human family. What blessings you have all been for each other!

    Thank you so much, bowlkat and family, for giving dearest little Leo such a wonderful home and so much love, and for sharing his story. Love is eternal, and you are together always. He will welcome each of you Home, One Fine Day.. never will you be parted.

    May your precious memories help to bring you peace and comfort. God bless you all.

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    Aw, hugs to you...and Godspeed, little Leo.....
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