My beautiful 16 year old Lynx Point Torbie isn't doing well. While she's always been plagued by allergies, there's something else going on.

Her allergies seemed to be worse than before, but she's VERY unsteady on her feet and her head is tilting to the right and the sparkle in her eyes isn't there. So I had her checked out. Her blood work came back all within normal limits. She DID have fleas, which I was shocked at since all my cats are totally indoors. She's on Zythromiacin and Prednisone. Because she can't smell her food, I heat it up which is helping. She's lost weight. Not a lot but enough to notice. The vet is stumped as to her unsteadiness.

Something tells me she a neurological issue going on. At her age, I'm not putting her through anymore testing. I'm praying the meds will do the trick. I'm going to keep her as comfortable and happy as possible, as she is eating and using the litterbox.

I'm just asking everyone to keep her in your thoughts and prayers.