"Hey guys! My name's Fletcher!"

My nephew, Fletcher, is going to be staying with us for a week or two while my sister is healing from an emergency surgery she had Sunday night. She has a huge incision on her stomach and Fletch is notorious for jumping up on people, so its best for her safety that we take him for a while. Some of you may remember my sister's other dog Skylar (white bi-eyed Husky/GSD mix)? He's doing great and is staying with my sister to be her nurse. He's actually the first thing she asked for when she woke up after surgery! You can tell my sister loves her dogs just as much as us PTers do.

Fletcher is a Standard Poodle, a breed notorious for being intelligent. He sure is intelligent, but he is so stubborn that he will not listen to a word you say half the time. You can literally see him thinking on whether or not he should really sit when you tell him to. While he's here I am giving him a crash course in obedience training and I'm hoping I can send him home a more well-behaved dog.

"Obedience training? I thought we were just having a sleepover..."

"Wait up... what's this I hear about a VISITOR?!"

"I think I remember you....."

"Oh yeah, you're family! HUGS!!"


"Beanpole, Stretch, etc... My leg to body ratio gets me all kinds of nicknames..."

"...but my dashing good looks gets me all the attention!"

"Don't forget about me! I'm just as adorable, right?"

{More Coming...}