For those of you who didn't read my name thread, the long story short is that my older sister is living in my house as she hopefully gets up the ability to live as a functioning member of society on her own. She asked if she could adopt a pair of cats. She went a few weeks ago and picked out one she liked at the humane society and then dragged me in to decide on a friend for this kitten. I really couldn't have decided between all the wonderful cats if it wasn't for the humane society recommending which one they'd like to see go with her. I made a mistake in my last thread and forgot she didn't pick the dilute tortie since it'd been a few weeks (we had to wait for the one she picked to be spayed and recover). The tortie had to go with another cat who was very scared and to be honest, even though they came in together, neither me nor my sister saw them interact with each other or act like they cared about each other. So she picked a different cat since the humane wouldn't split up that pair.

First is Lily (formerly Reba). She's 4 months and 2.9 pounds. Polydactyl. Shorthair but has markings like a turkish van. My sister wanted a cuddler but this one is a little too scared for that yet. Sorry about the pictures, my camera has a broken sensor and the cats were moving targets as they explored this morning.

Next is Pillsbury, the one that came as a companion for Lily. I liked him because he likes to play. He even likes to play with my puppy. He is 7 months old and only 2.4 pounds. There is something wrong with him but through all their testing they didn't find out what. He has a grain-free diet because he has a super sensitive stomach. We have the vet records on him and he'd had an infection for sure when he was younger because one of the tests had high white cell count. Another had super high AST and ALT counts. I mean like the hundreds when it should have been low double digits. My sister suggested he may have been on medication when they gave this test so it may account for it. He also had a T4 count of 11 which is twice the high range of a healthy cat. He is supposedly negative for feline leukemia and FIV. I'd like him to see a specialist personally. I only managed one relatively decent picture of him because he moved so much he ran the batteries out of my camera trying. Sorry about the toilet, lol, I put him in the bathroom to give him less space to move.