Had a scare with Casey last night, but things are getting better.

Got home from work last night, and both Casey and Smokey were happy and active. While I ate dinner, they took their naps like they normally do.

After dinner, I was doing dishes (about 11:30PM) when I heard Casey throwing up in the living room. I went in to check on him and clean up the mess and noticed that rather than trying to cover up the vomit, he was curled up right next to it, which seemed unusual. He was also a little lethargic, which I initially attributed to his just throwing up. He then got up and went over to the middle of the living room while I cleaned up the mess.

I then checked on him again. He wasn't panting, but he was breathing somewhat rapidly and laying on his side with his head up. There was also a pile of stool that had just come out of him. That really got me concerned since the only other time any of my cats has released stool while laying down was the day Chessie collapsed and had to be put to sleep three years ago. However, Casey had movement in all four legs and tail. He then got up to get away from my fussing with him, heading towards the kitchen. As he walked, he had a bit of a stagger to him like he was having trouble with balance.

I then called my vet's emergency number and got the doctor on call. At that point, Casey was trying to eat out of the feeder, but he was laying flat on his stomach rather than sitting like he normally does. The doctor agreed that he needed to be checked out right away.

Normally I have to give Casey his sedative to take him to the vet, but other than a couple hisses, he didn't put up a fight getting into the carrier. At the vet's office, he let the doctor give him a full exam rather than give his usual fight with anybody trying to touch him.

Everything has come back normal. He was slightly dehydrated, but they didn't think it was anything that would cause his behavior. They thought he might have a blockage somewhere, but the X-rays showed that everything was fine. They thought he could also have eaten something to make him sick, but he and Smokey eat the same food. All cleaners and stuff like that are locked in closets or in cupboards with safety latches. I searched all over last night when I got home about 2AM for any signs of anything he could have gotten into, but nothing was amiss.

They kept him overnight to get some fluids in him and monitor him. They called this morning, and he's alert, got an attitude, and is starting to fight with them. They were going to try to give him some food and make sure he keeps it down, and then he'll be coming home this afternoon. I've had the Feliway diffusers going since I got home last night so hopefully there won't be any fighting with Smokey when I get him home.